Implants replace lost teeth reliably. Following the model of natural teeth an artificial tooth root made ​​of titanium forms the basis for crowns, bridges or dentures. Only those who have for years been involved in every facet of the implant, can guarantee long-term success. With us you will be treated exclusively by experienced implantologists who have their techniques refined over many years to perfection and were able to develop a secure sense of color, form and function.
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Ein eingeheiltes Implantat hält den gleichen Belastungen stand wie ein eigener Zahn

Advantages of Dental Implants

Function and aesthetics

Implants such as artificial tooth roots can completely replace the missing teeth. They have unlimited function and a natural aesthetic almost like your own teeth. A healed implant can bear the same stress and strain as one of your own teeth and dental implants crown or bridges can be harmoniously integrated into the existing dentation.

Protection from bone loss

An implant prevents bone loss because functionally loaded implants protect the surrounding bone. Correctly placed implants form and also support the surrounding soft tissue.
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SIC Competence Centre

SIC invent PLC launched the Competence Centre with partner practises which offers the best implantology skills and experience based on the SIC implant system. The referring physician focuses on prosthetic implant provisions, and the technological and economic advantages of the SIC implant system offer you new prospects for cooperation. Renowned experts in the field of implantology are directors and owners of the Competence Centre and partners to SIC invent; they and the referring physician guarantee cost-effective implant solutions of the highest quality, system safety and access to the SIC Implant Network.

Dentists specialising in implants and the SIC system join together to offer users all the advantages of SIC Implant Networks. They are also able to perform complex interdisciplinary cases in the Competence Centre. Last, but not least, the innovative network structure serves as a communication platform and interface between system users and referring doctors’ clinics and the system provider.

SIC Competence Centre:
Part of the SIC Implant Network
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Which manufacturer do you use?

We use implants from three of the most popular implant manufacturers, namely Straumann, Nobel Biocare and SIC. The decision of which implant to use depends on the situation.
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The Implant

A dental implant is a titanium screw which replaces the missing natural tooth root. The implants come in various shapes, lengths and diameters so that it may fit the patient’s particular conditions such as responding to the bone.

The screw body implant normally involves a low-pain, surgical intervention of the bone. The healing period typically lasts between 1 to 6 months.