Implants replace lost teeth reliably. Following the model of natural teeth an artificial tooth root made ​​of titanium forms the basis for crowns, bridges or dentures. Only those who have for years been involved in every facet of the implant, can guarantee long-term success. With us you will be treated exclusively by experienced implantologists who have their techniques refined over many years to perfection and were able to develop a secure sense of color, form and function.
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What are gentle treatment methods?

Until now, the traditional classic method of implantation was always used by opening up the gums and implanting into the bone in plain sight. If necessary, it was also performed using simultaneous bone grafts or a sinus lift. This meant that the patient would feel somewhat sore after the operation. We are now able to offer a newer method of implantation which works without opening up the gums. The procedure uses computer simulation with digital volume tomography and guided template technique. This method results in less surgery, it guarantees greater precision and reliability, and therefore also has a more predictable result.
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Computer Simulation

First, a three-dimensional X-ray (digital volume tomography also known as DVT) is required to evaluate the bone and surrounding tissue.

Using a special computer program, the implants can be determined and represented virtually in all three dimensions.

Limiting structures, such as the maxillary sinus or the mandibular nerve, are accurately represented and adapted to the design of the implants and actual conditions.
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Template Technology

After the strategy is determined on the computer, a template is created. This template is used when implants are made to the oral cavity so that the computer strategy can be accurately applied within millimeters.