Many patients want a painless as possible treatment. Just the anesthesia with an anesthetic injection is perceived by most patients unpleasant. Meanwhile, there are ways to go an anesthetic out of the way and still reap the benefits of anesthesia and therefore painless treatment.
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Thanks to the possibilities of modern anaesthesia, patients no longer have to suffer from dental treatment pain.
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Treatment under General Anaesthesia

A dental treatment using general anaesthesia may be necessary in the case of very anxious patients, children, or developmentally challenged people. It cleverly combines several procedures under general anaesthesia so that only one session needs to be scheduled and is only charged for one use of anaesthesia. Occasionally, however, two or more sessions are required under general anaesthesia.
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Painless Anaesthesia

Experience painless anaesthesia through computer-based anaesthesia known as ‘The wand plus’. A device for needle-free injection is used which is similar to a ballpoint pen.

Many patients desire the most pain-free treatment possible when visiting the dentist. Just receiving a shot of local anaesthetic is considered unpleasant for many of them.

By now, there are ways to avoid this local anaesthetic shot while sill benefiting from anaesthesia as well as pain-free treatment.
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Local Anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia is a way to stop localized pain by means of an anaesthesia shot.

It is performed in the nerve endings area without affecting consciousness. It also involves the selective application of anaesthetics, temporary numbness and pain relief.
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Surface Anaesthesia

By applying topical anaesthesia, the pain caused by injection is reduced and therefore allows the patient to have a more comfortable treatment.